Aii Staffing Solutions
 The right people,
                        on time,
                                 every time
Aii Staffing Solutions is the country's premier staffing agency. In addition to offering customized pre-placement testing, we offer guaranteed employee performance standards unique to the staffing industry. With over 20 years of risk management experience we're able to offer workforce management solutions specific to you.
No project is too big or too small. With our on site risk management, and operational consulting we make sure your project gets done safely and on schedule 
With our vast experience in staffing and with 20 years experience, someone in our pool of recruits will be there to fulfill your needs. 
We have the employees you need for any and all projects. we have many employees diversely skilled for you. With our unique A thru C grading system you choose how much experience you want from each individual employee.
We pride ourselves on meeting each client's individual needs whether staffing or risk management, we are here for you. Through team work, and careful analysis, Aii Staffing Solutions' talented team of recruiters and consultants guarantees that you receive not just what you requested, but over and above what you requested.
A Business Built Around Your Needs     #VEGAS STRONG