Aii Staffing Solutions Inc

About Us

Aii Staffing has over 20 years experience in the staffing and risk management industry. We set out to create an agency that has set itself apart from all others. At Aii Staffing our business is built around your needs not ours. Through our customized pre placement testing, and our employee performance guarantees, we assure that you are getting the employee with the skills you request every time, no exceptions. In addition to our stringent employee placement guidelines Aii Staffing Solutions places a premium on safety. Through our on site hazard assessments and our risk management services we ensure that your project is not just  progressing smoothly, but most importantly, safely.
Is your staffing company offering.....
-Customized pre placement testing?
-Employee performance guarantees?
-Risk Management Services?
-24/7 On call services?

Think Aii Staffing Solutions"